Strategy: Hadoop and Big Data

Feb 21, 2012


How Hadoop Tames Enterprises’ Big Data 

Big data can mean big opportunities for organizations, but only if they can make sense of the data in a reasonable amount of time. When you are talking about terabytes and petabytes of often unstructured information, this is no small task. The open source Hadoop ecosystem of tools and technologies can help companies tackle the broad problem of big data analytics, but not every project is Hadoop-appropriate.  It is important for IT and business professionals to understand the security and privacy concerns around the technology. In this report we examine where Hadoop came from, how it can be used today and how to determine whether it is the right solution for your company’s big data needs.

Big data is the information generated by social networking, sensors, financial transactions, mobile applications and so much more. Companies are realizing that big data can be mined for trends and other information that can drive business decisions, but searching through such vast amounts of often unstructured data can takes weeks, if not months, using traditional methods. Enter Hadoop, an open source ecosystem of tools and technologies that can help organizations tackle the broad problem of big data analytics. However, IT and business managers should exercise caution when it comes to implementing Hadoop, which requires a fair amount of expertise and serious attention to the security of massive amounts of information stored in distributed clusters and potentially in public clouds. (S4540212)

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