Strategy: Agile Business Analytics

Jun 02, 2011


Agile Business Analytics: Five Critical Elements

A great deal of thought and resources have been spent defining best practices for business intelligence. Conventional approaches that continue to drive most enterprise BI implementations are based on a systematic step-by-step development lifecycle process, commonly referred to as a waterfall approach, that involves a hierarchal methodology where the completion of one step leads to the start of the next, and so on.

Typical steps involved in this process: Gather requirements from business users; design your data model to support the requirements; scout the data sources, then load the data into a starlike schema; develop the BI objects; and finally, roll the final product out to end users. However, the quest to achieve perfection in each underlying step that leads to the final result—perfect requirements, perfect data model, perfect data quality and perfect analytics—often means IT ends up delivering anything but ideal results for the intended audience. Here's how to do things better. (S2940611)

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