Fundamentals: Semantic Database Technology

Nov 29, 2012


Fundamentals: Semantic Database Technology

Semantic technology has created a disruptive opportunity for businesses to obtain more value from their data. The concepts surrounding the semantic Web, such as linked data cloud and data mashups, are powered by a set of emerging standards and products that, for now, are mainly used for consumer services. However, these technologies are equally compelling as part of an enterprise data platform behind the firewall.
At a high level, there are five main benefits of semantic technology:
    > It works in tandem with your existing database investments;
    > It aligns with Web technologies;
    > It speeds the integration of multiple databases;
    > It’s based on data structures that are flexible by design; and
    > It can help enterprises tackle big data challenges.
In this report, we’ll introduce the key data-centric semantic technologies, compare ­semantic and relational data management, outline several situations where this ­technology should be considered, discuss products in the semantic space and highlight companies already finding value through the use of semantic technology (R6171212)

Research Report