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Mar 04, 2011


Enterprise Search: Is It Time to Go Rogue?

Enterprise search is one of the most useful technologies that many companies aren’t buying, and the ones that have bought it aren’t implementing—at least not company-wide. It isn’t the fault of the technology or the companies that sell it. The products and services for the most part work.

What’s getting in the way are internal politics, understaffing and an unwillingness to tackle the bigger requirements to truly change how users find information within a company.

Enterprise search technology often ends up pigeonholed in a single department or being used only on one data set. It becomes a big investment that’s ineffective and underutilized.

IT can continue to do nothing and let fragmented search systems be deployed—each fixing a specific business unit’s problem, but none able to work across the company to help other groups. There will be marginal increases in productivity for those groups, but never a big shift that helps the company grow.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Find a group of users with a straightforward search problem and fix it with a product that can scale. A visible group of senior execs, finance or sales people are your best bet. Solve their problem and then let them help you sell search to other parts of the company. Expand your user base slowly and then craft a plan to make search work across the company.

This three-step approach will let you slip search into specific spots in your company where it can do a lot of good and get visibility. Once you’ve done that, you’re a long way toward making enterprise search a reality.

Survey Name: InformationWeek Analytics 2011 Search Survey
Survey Date: January 2011
Region: North America
Number of Respondents: 433


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