Why You Need a Cloud Service Broker

Jun 27, 2013


Why You Need a Cloud Service Broker 

Smart enterprises are using multiple cloud computing providers and services to avoid vendor lock-in and stay diverse. But there’s a flip side to all these clouds: Public and private cloud services are hard to coordinate, and CIOs are finding that business divisions are ­using services outside those offered within their companies, creating governance problems.    

Cloud service broker products solve most of these problems through an easy-to-use storefront that manages the use, performance and delivery of your cloud services. Here you can view a list of your services and select an option, such as moving an instance from your private cloud to the public cloud. Once you select your options, and are charged ­accordingly, you are notified that your instance is running and given a link to the reporting metrics for your service. You can also shop for services based on service-level guarantees, price points or performance. All of this is done via your selection in the CSB, and the hard work is automated in the background.

At its best, an in-house CSB product gives enterprises flexibility with internal and external cloud service providers and makes it unnecessary for a company to lock itself to a single vendor or type of cloud architecture. (S7120613)


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