5 Steps to Building A Private Cloud

Dec 01, 2011


IT at Your Service

A private cloud data center architecture enables IT to serve the business by, for example, quickly provisioning new services and adding elasticity to better handle outages and demand spikes. Getting there isn’t necessarily easy, but it’s worthwhile. In our previous report, The Human Factor in Private Cloud Deployments, we laid out an eight-step plan to change the way people--executives, business leads, end users and IT employees alike--think about the intersection of business objectives and technology. That mindset is just as important as tackling the technological challenges of matching the type of private cloud with the services your IT organization delivers, so consider the human element before you start reading vendor spec sheets.

In this report, we’ll discuss the five stages by which most IT teams we work with actually build their private clouds: standardization, consolidation, virtualization, automation and orchestration. (S3981211)

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