Multicloud Infrastructure & Application Management

Oct 22, 2013


Multicloud Infrastructure & Application Management 

Enterprise cloud adoption has evolved to the point where hybrid public/private cloud designs and use of multiple providers is common. But heterogeneity begets management complexity: Who among us has mastered provisioning resources in different clouds; allocating the right ­resources to each application; assigning applications to the “best” cloud provider based on ­performance or reliability requirements, cost, scalability or whatever your metric; and automating management tasks using repeatable processes and standard configurations? 

Where there’s a pain point there’s a marketing op; in this case, for a new breed of cloud management platform. IT can choose among suites like CA Infrastructure Management or IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator and services, typically delivered in a SaaS model, including Enstratius (now Dell Multi-Cloud Manager), HP CloudSystem, RightScale, ScaleXtreme and Scalr.

Initially, multicloud products focused on infrastructure management — specifically, provisioning cloud resources and deploying system images to the most appropriate target. However, the need goes deeper. Cloud users — enterprise IT, DevOps teams and application developers alike — need end-to-end application life cycle management. Again, the software industry is responding. Many of the aforementioned cloud service management pioneers have expanded their feature lists to include more complete application management capabilities. They’re joined by next-gen cloud application life cycle and performance management systems from the likes of Cloudsoft, Elastic Box, Standing Cloud and even AWS itself via CloudFormation. These systems automate not only provisioning but packaging, monitoring, load balancing, even auto scaling. 

In this report, we’ll examine the infrastructure and application management challenges of a multicloud environment, survey the technology landscape, and provide recommendations on how best to develop and implement a multicloud strategy by incorporating the right software and IT processes. (S7481113)


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