Private Cloud Blueprint

Feb 17, 2012


Private clouds are the next stage in the virtualization of IT. A private cloud consists of pools of computing, storage and networking, all of which are available on demand. By using a private cloud, IT can more quickly provision new applications and services, adjust capacity to meet changes in resource demands and operate  more efficiently overall. A private cloud also pushes IT closer to a service provider model, because it allows IT to roll out a service catalog to business users, who then can choose from a menu of applications or infrastructure services.

To build a private cloud, you have to lay the groundwork in three areas. First, virtualize compute, storage and network resources. Second, enable automation and orchestration to streamline common tasks, such as spinning up virtual machines (VMs), allocating storage, and rolling out port profiles that define network rules and policies. Last, actively market the new services to business units and internal customers. This report provides a blueprint for IT shops considering building a private cloud. We’ll review each part of the process and identify potential pitfalls that can hinder construction. (S4220212)

Research Report