Strategy: SMEs and the Cloud

Jul 13, 2010


SMEs and the Cloud: How Much Is Too Much?

Outsourcing certain IT functions to a service provider can pay off for SMEs, even more than for large enterprises. Often, in our experience, companies with fewer than 1,000 employees view IT as a supporting function; hiring help for day-to-day work can free staff up to focus on the core business—and hopefully raise IT’s profile to that of competitive differentiator. But go too far into the cloud, and you may suffer in terms of maintaining agility and responsiveness to market forces.

For this report, we define IT outsourcing as transferring responsibility for all or part of an IT function to an outside service provider that manages the work. The services outsourced can range from help desk to security to infrastructure to payroll to CRM applications. We’ll lay out the top areas CIOs must consider to help their smaller companies strike a smart balance and get big benefits from the cloud.

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