Fundamentals: Amazon S3: Web Hosting on the Cheap

Apr 18, 2012


Amazon Innovates--Again

In August 2011, CTO Werner Vogels caused a bit of a stir among systems architects by explaining how he runs his personal website, All Things Distributed, without a server.

Technically, of course, Vogels' site is on a server--or more precisely, many, many different servers all at once. But from his perspective, there's nothing traditionally Web server-like going on. Vogels simply uploads the static content of his website (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, images) to Amazon's Simple Storage Service, and the S3 file storage service serves the files out for him.

Assuming that All Things Distributed receives around 5,000 page views per month, Vogels pays around 25 cents per month for hosting--about half for file storage, the rest for data transfer; if he hooked up to Amazon's content delivery network (CDN), CloudFront, for faster page loads across the world, he would add around 2 cents to his monthly costs.

Sound like a good deal? We thought so too. And the best part is, you can get in on it. (S4820412)

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