Buyer's Guide: 9 SaaS Project Management Tools

May 17, 2012


Buyer's Guide for SaaS Project Management Software

As the mandate to effectively manage an array of IT projects continues to grow, so does the need for tools that can make sense of all the moving parts. Our InformationWeek 2012 Enterprise Project Management Survey of 508 business technology professionals shows 60% have formal project management offices, and nearly as many use specialized commercial/project management software. For the 40% of organizations that are, presumably, winging it rather than taking on the expense of a fully equipped PMO, SaaS project management software can provide the ability to gain greater control with a minimal up-front investment.

In this InformationWeek Buyer's Guide, we'll discuss the similarities and differences among SaaS-based project management products, outline essential features and provide guidance on choosing products that match your feature requirements. We also include detailed tables that highlight features from the nine vendors that responded to our questionnaire--Alcea Technologies, CA, Daptiv, HMS Software, Innotas, Metafuse, Metier, Onepoint Project and Visionera AB. (R4860512)

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