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Whitepaper: Requirements for Midsize NGFWs Whitepaper

by CiscoJun 05, 2015

Discover the top three NGFW requirements to protect your business from attacks.

Infographic: Midsize Business Solutions Cybersecurity

by CiscoJun 05, 2015

Learn how to protect your midsize organization before, during, and after an attack.

Whitepaper: 3 Tips for Choosing a NGFW

by CiscoJun 05, 2015

Discover the top three tips when choosing a NGFW to protect your business from attacks.

Whitepaper: Addressing the Full Attack Continuum: A New Threat-Centric Security Model for Before, During, and After an Attack

by CiscoMar 11, 2015

Download this paper and learn: - How the industrialization of hacking and modern, extended networks are changing security dynamics - Why a threat-centric security model addresses security professionals' most pressing issues - How to increase security effectiveness before, during and after an attack - Why technologies that are visibility drive, threat focused and platform based are essential

Whitepaper: 5 Steps for Securing the Data Center: Why Traditional Security May Not Work

by CiscoMar 11, 2015

Data center administrators face a significant challenge. They need to secure the data center without compromising the performance and functionality that new data center environments enable. Many are looking to secure the data center using solutions designed for the Internet edge, but these solutions are not enough. The data center has unique requirements around provisioning, performance, virtualization, applications, and traffic that Internet-edge security devices are simply not designed to

Whitepaper: Five New Laws of Anti-malware Protection: Keep Up with Evolving Threats

by CiscoMar 11, 2015

Malware has changed considerably since the early PC viruses were first introduced more than 25 years ago. Today, it evolves so quickly that many customers find it nearly impossible to stay ahead of the latest threat. If the explosion in malware variants wasn't enough, sophisticated Client Side Attacks and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) target victims in ways that completely evade traditional security measures.

Current research suggests as much as 75% of new viruses are seen on

Whitepaper: Selecting a Next-Generation Firewall: Top 10 Considerations

by CiscoMar 11, 2015

Many midsize companies have reached a critical moment with their network security. They must reinforce their traditional security solution to address new trends arising from mobility and cloud, and meet a rising threat landscape. These dynamics complicate the challenge of maintaining network security, and tax the network's ability to perform optimally for the business. Are you ready to learn more?

Whitepaper: Next-Generation Network Security: A Buyers' Guide

by CiscoMar 10, 2015

Read this buyers' guide for an in-depth explanation of the factors that impel organizations to look at next-generation security solutions.