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Whitepaper: Time Toolkit: Portable, Flexible Software

by Recursion SoftwareNov 01, 2011

Recursion Software?s Time Toolkit offers APIs (Application Programming Interface) that reduce the complexity of handling issues like time zones and daylight saving time. It is portable and its components are available as source code.

Whitepaper: Comparison of C# Toolkit 2.0 and .NET Framework 2.0 Collections

by Recursion SoftwareJan 01, 2008

C# Toolkit 2.0 has been updated with generic type parameters and expanded data structure family over previous release. This paper from Recursion Software provides a brief introduction to generics in C# describes the new features in C# Toolkit 2.0 and discusses how it compares with the .NET Framework 2.0 collections. C# Toolkit 2.0 provides 50 reusable powerful algorithms for complex operations on the containers. It also provides function objects like predicates, which are general functions that yield numerous permutations to an already rich set of algorithms.