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Whitepaper: Voice Biometrics as a Natural and Cost-Effective Method of Authentication

by CellMaxJan 01, 2008

Of all the options, voice biometrics is least invasive, is the one technology that can be applied over phone lines, and is most readily available. Additionally, voice biometrics is the only technology that, aside from a microphone, requires no additional special hardware. Voice is the only biometric output that can be delivered over any type of communication network. High rates of accuracy coupled with ease of use will, in the coming years, make voice the biometric technology of choice for identification and authentication in an ever-expanding range of both stand-alone and multi-biometric applications.

Whitepaper: Call Center Voice Biometrics Is Coming

by CellMaxJan 01, 2008

This paper published by Connections Magazine discusses that the call center sector, dynamic by definition, is changing again as new legislation for banking, medical, and homeland security regulations make it necessary for call centers to move quickly now to find highly accurate, proven, low-cost solutions for higher levels of ID authentication. Whether the shift is met proactively or comes as a sudden shock is up to the shrewd operations manager. This is a good time for call centers, which are experiencing unprecedented growth.