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Whitepaper: Disk Defragmentation - Background

by Diskeeper CorporationJan 01, 2008

This paper published by Diskeeper Corporation talks about Disk Defragmentation Background. Every hard drive stores files in chunks called clusters. In the Microsoft Windows XP operating system, clusters usually are 4,096 bytes in size. A file of that size or smaller needs just one cluster. With contiguous clusters, a hard drive’s performance improves.

Whitepaper: The Effects of Disk Fragmentation on System Reliability Technical White Paper

by Diskeeper CorporationJan 01, 2008

This white paper concentrates on the impact of disk fragmentation on system reliability. Disk fragmentation decreases system reliability, in some cases rendering a system unstable or provoking errors in operation. Running Diskeeper the Number One Automatic Defragmenter to defragment system files, particularly the MFT and Page File, increases system reliability.

Whitepaper: Diskeeper Home Edition for Windows

by Diskeeper CorporationJan 01, 2008

Diskeeper Corporation understands software manuals tends to be one of the least-favorite pieces of reading material around, so the company intends to make this one as painless as possible. This paper helps to get Diskeeper quickly installed and running. It describes the various Diskeeper features and how to use them. Finally, it defines disk fragmentation and how it affects one’s Windows systems. Diskeeper has improved with each new version. Diskeeper Home Edition sets the standard in simplified disk defragmentation with innovative new features and approaches to solving fragmentation problems for home users.