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Whitepaper: Imation Delivers: Removable Disk-Based Backup

by Data Mobility GroupJan 01, 2008

Distributed IT environments add new levels of complexity to the backup and restore processes than elongate backups and restores times. Storage vendors have responded to this pressure by developing disk appliances that are now backup targets designed to improve backup/restore times. A new product, named the Ulysses system, combines the capabilities of HDD at about the cost of tape. Ulysses has been developed by Imation, a company that has been successful for fifty years.

Whitepaper: The Varieties of Disk-to-Disk Backup Solutions

by Data Mobility GroupJan 01, 2008

The backup-and-recovery tapes are still spinning in data centers all over the world. But as backup windows continue to shrink, due to the prevalence of online business functions, many businesses are looking for ways to add disk to their backup infrastructures to speed up the backup, and more importantly, the restore processes. Tape operators scurried from one tape drive to another, mounting and dismounting tape media, to keep the backup jobs running. Sometimes a job had to wait until the operator could find the right tape. In some implementations, the disk systems appear to the operating system as disk.

Whitepaper: Disk-to-Disk Backup - It's Also About Tape

by Data Mobility GroupJan 01, 2008

This paper from Data Mobility Group discusses about Disk-to-Disk Backup. Declining disk costs have sparked the development of a variety of Disk-to-Disk (D2D) systems. Not all of these products are alike; in fact, in some respects they are very different. Let�s look at the different options. Backups were first written to disk in tape image format and then in the background written to physical tape cartridges connected to the library. This can help improve job productivity as well as reduce the physical number of tape systems and cartridges required.