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Whitepaper: How to Survive as an MSSP

by ExaProtectJan 01, 2008

Advances in remote communication technology and reliability, coupled with the growing political and commercial access to technically-literate developing countries, allow larger and more aggressive providers to dramatically reduce their operational costs through off-shoring. This paper form ExaProtec suggest some of the recommendations to survive as an MSSP against multi-national players offering global, yet centralized, delivery of their services.

Whitepaper: Winning the Security Disinformation War - An Introduction to Security Information and Event Management

by ExaProtectJan 01, 2008

If information security is a battle, most companies have the problem of managing a motley army of corporate systems, security devices and solutions. IT teams are running the equivalent of a multilingual UN taskforce of databases, ERP systems, transaction processing systems, email systems and more. Each of these systems makes a key contribution to the overall view of the company’s current information security status. But each also speaks its own language, with its own reporting, event logs and rules - even its own management console.