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Whitepaper: Measuring the True Performance of Today's SATA and SAS RAID Controllers

by AdaptecJan 01, 2008

One of the difficulties of choosing a RAID controller is that individuals can�t really know how it will perform in the environment until they already have it installed. All too often, RAID vendors quote irrelevant measurements to demonstrate the maximum performance of their RAID controller, and don�t demonstrate how the RAID controller will hold up under a real world application environment. Performance measurements in the IT world can be defined in many different ways. But, ultimately what matters is matching up the right performance metric to the storage server�s workload environment.

Whitepaper: Remote Data Management & Backup With Snap EDR

by AdaptecJan 01, 2008

Managing remote data effectively requires dealing with networks variability, dissimilar computing platforms, security needs and data integrity and implement process automation to overcome the lack of trained IT staff at remote locations. Advanced remote data management and movement technology, such as that incorporated into Adaptec Snap EDR makes it possible to cost-effectively solve the challenges of managing data at remote offices. This white paper exemplifies on the issues, requirements and approaches to effective remote data management with specific emphasis on remote data protection and backup. .

Whitepaper: Aggregating File Data With the Snap Enterprise Data Replicator

by AdaptecJan 01, 2008

This paper published by Adaptec gives an outline of the Snap Enterprise Data Replicator (Snap EDR) product, and details the components and configuration of a Snap EDR Aggregate solution. This solution allows users to aggregate file data to a common location from multiple Adaptec Guardian OS Snap Servers, Windows clients and UNIX/Linux clients. Common business needs for aggregation of file data include: Retrieval of daily sales files for sales reporting. Collection of server logs to support monitoring. Collection of Point of Sale transaction data.

Whitepaper: Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape Backup Using Snap Server 4500 and NetVault Virtual Tape Library (VTL)

by AdaptecJan 01, 2008

A disk-to-disk-to-tape solution built on an Adaptec Snap Server and a third-party tape automation device offers tremendous advantages for backup and restore of network data. In addition, the GuardianOS includes BakBone�s NetVault software with a unique Virtual Tape Library (VTL) feature to separate the backup and tape archive functions so one can complete a full backup in a minimum amount of time and archive it to tape without impacting the users or slowing the network.

This paper steps details the steps required to configure sample hardware and create a disk-to-disk-to-tape solution.

Whitepaper: Hardware RAID Vs. Software RAID: Which Implementation Is Best for My Application?

by AdaptecJan 01, 2008

This paper from Adaptec shows the benefits that hardware RAID offers over software RAID implementations. Advances in silicon technology are allowing for integration of the processors required for hardware RAID into single chip solutions and soon into commodity server chipsets, which will shrink the implementation cost. This reduced cost will enable a broader deployment of hardware RAID solutions into lower-priced servers, making them available to more users. Currently, new levels of data protection and manageability are available RAID 6 dual drive failure protection and data encryption are two examples.