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Whitepaper: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Form: Using Game Development and Web Services in an Emerging Technology Course

by Project Management InstituteJan 01, 2008

This paper presents the results of an emerging technology course devoted to web services and games development. The paper defines web services and service-oriented architectures in general, covers the rationalization for the approach taken in the course, and describes the scope and design of the game project. In this paper, the researchers suggest how web services and/or game development can be integrated into an upper-level emerging technology course, and analyze the students learning experience in the course.

Whitepaper: Service-Oriented Architecture: Concepts and Implementation

by Project Management InstituteJan 01, 2008

Applications developed in the past were usually standalone applications that performed a specific task(s) such as accounts receivables/ payables. Such applications were not integrated with other applications. Use of such standalone applications created islands of automation within an organization, which usually led to duplication of business logic and data redundancy. In most organizations today, both intra- and inter-organizational business processes are enabled by Information Technology (IT). As business processes usually require the use of functionalities that are embedded within standalone applications that may have been developed during different time periods using different technologies, it has become necessary to integrate these existing standalone applications.