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Whitepaper: 451 Silver Peak: Claims Proof-Positive of Network Virtualization's Agility

by Silver PeakJun 10, 2013

Silver Peak Systems' new Agility technology initiative claims to give application owners easy control with point-and-click virtual workload acceleration thanks to tight integration with VMware vCenter and other virtual infrastructure management consoles. See what 451 Research thinks of these claims, this new technology and the competition in this analyst report.

Whitepaper: An ROI Analysis of Virtualized WAN Optimization Software

by Silver PeakOct 21, 2013

The Enterprise Strategy Group discusses how data center consolidation, virtualization, and cloud architectures are on the rise; however IT budgets are not increasing. This poses a unique challenge: How do you crease a flexible and agile environment without increasing the cost? See ESG's analysis of WAN optimization benefits and how your peers are increasing their ROI and lowering their TCO.

Whitepaper: Australian Building Products Leader Easily Achieves Disaster Recovery Objectives with Silver

by Silver PeakFeb 12, 2013

See how Australia's largest independent locally-owned manufacturer and distributor of wood-based building products, Gunnersen, has implemented Silver Peak Systems to ensure its recovery point objectives (RPO) are achieved. In the end Gunnersen was amazed by Silver Peak's data mobility performance, price and deployment ease.

Video: Award Winning Design Firm dwp Tackles Global Collaboration Challenges with Silver Peak

by Silver PeakFeb 12, 2013

Design professionals and project managers at award-winning architecture and interior design firm dwp | design worldwide partnership collaborate and exchange large-size design blueprints and documents daily between offices in Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

With key productivity applications such as file, email, web, AutoCAD and Revit becoming more bandwidth-, processing- and storage-intensive, dwp turns to Silver Peak Virtual Acceleration Open Architecture (VXOA) software to accelerate its file transfers and optimize its WAN performance, while reducing infrastructure costs by 80 percent.

Webcast: Building a Successful SDN Strategy for the Evolving Network Infrastructure

by Silver PeakOct 21, 2013

GigaOM's research analyst Mark Leary and Silver Peak's virtualization and cloud expert, Vivian Xu, discuss the benefits of a SDN (Software-Defined Network). See how industry leaders are leveraging SDN principles to that overcome the challenges of moving data across distance and create more flexibility.

Whitepaper: Dissolving Distance: Silver Peak's Technology Overview

by Silver PeakMar 26, 2012

What is the secret sauce of WAN Optimization (WAN Op)? First time users are always amazed at the performance results. Long time users know they risk the wrath of their colleagues if they take it out. But exactly how does WAN Op work to maximize bandwidth, overcome congestion, autocorrect for out-of-order packets, reduce application and protocol chattiness, and, most magical of all, mitigate the negative impact of latency caused by the sheer physics of distance?

Download now to learn about the cool technologies behind today's leading WAN Op architecture.

Whitepaper: Exploring the Fundamental Differences Between Network Memory and Application Caching

by Silver PeakOct 21, 2013

Enterprises have long been battling the inherent performance limitations of Wide Area Networks (WANs) when delivering applications to remote offices. Caching emerged in the 1990's as a potential way of addressing this problem, accelerating the performance of specific applications, such as web services, while reducing overall WAN traffic. While caching achieved reasonable success for a few short years, the market for these point products ultimately subsided as a result of several operational and functional limitations. Enterprises require an application acceleration solution that spans all types of traffic, one that is easy to manage, and 100% data coherency when supporting business-critical applications. This white paper will address these issues and offer a solution that addresses these enterprise requirements. The result is a complete solution for improved application delivery across a distributed enterprise environment.