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Webcast: Trends and Innovations in Cloud and Managed Services

by AvayaOct 03, 2013

There are many issues that face businesses today, and many can be solved with increased support, new technology, or a combination of the two.  As you consider new ways to manage your business applications and finances, many times  services can help alleviate the need for additional CAPEX costs, whether the support is delivered remotely or in the cloud.   

Register for this webinar to learn:
•    Trends in the cloud and managed service space so you can see what value these services can bring to your business.

•    The difference between private and public clouds and how these options can improve your business

•    Global standards to consider while looking at cloud delivery and support.

•    How Cloud Services can save money, reduce technology risks, simplify solutions and maximize performance of communications applications.

Attend this webinar to learn  cloud options that support optimizing  or upgrading, your applications  the use of managed services, or combinations that that may positively impact your business.

Whitepaper: BYOD and the Wireless Revolution

by AvayaApr 05, 2013

On average, a new wireless device, complete with its own quirks and running on an increasingly sophisticated array of operating systems, reaches the market every 45 days. For IT departments whose networks are ready to support the surge in wireless traffic, the "bring your own device" (BYOD) revolution promises huge gains in productivity, mobility and cost savings, all on devices purchased by the employees.

This Avaya whitepaper addresses the challenges and opportunities of supporting BYOD.

Whitepaper: Leadership Guide to Mobile Collaboration/ BYOD

by AvayaApr 05, 2013

Enterprises are witnessing a fundamental change in the workplace driven by mobility, collaborative networks and the influx of the "Connected Generation." The result is that there is a growing demand for tools that will support this evolving workplace. This guide will help you understand the impact of mobile technologies on the enterprise and how organizations will have to adapt and operate in an environment where users, employees, customers and partners are bringing their own mobile devices into the workplace.

Whitepaper: BYOD: Focus on the User Experience Not the Device

by AvayaApr 05, 2013

The evolution of devices, integration of technology into personal lives, availability of cloud-based services and wireless evolution has moved bring-your-own-device (BYOD) from vision to reality. With demand for BYOD as high as it is, it's possible that staying with the status quo and not moving to BYOD is a bigger risk than implementing it.

This ZK Research report examines these risks, the benefits of BYOD, key IT issues when it comes to implementing BYOD and the most important criteria to consider when evaluating a solution provider.

Whitepaper: IT Guide to Mobile Collaboration/ BYOD

by AvayaApr 05, 2013

Today's organizations are rapidly adopting large-scale BYOD initiatives, and IT has been charged with developing solutions that not only provide security and manageability across all platforms, but also offer the full range of collaborative capabilities like presence, video, corporate contacts, audio and web conferencing. This guide details the types of communications and collaboration capabilities that are being called for, as well as the major issues IT departments need to address in order to successful deploy them.

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by AvayaFeb 21, 2013

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by AvayaFeb 21, 2013