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Whitepaper: Do I Really Have To Interview?

by CampusCareerCenter.comJan 01, 2008

This paper from explains that one goes through various kinds of emotions when they hear word interview. Fear of not giving correct answer would be the problem faced by the large number of people. Overcoming fear is not mandatory in finding a job opportunity to match ones needs. As the old cliche states: ""We fear what we do not know"", by learning to compensate for weak spots by finding strengths, and realize that some day soon one could be the one on the other side of that desk, trying to fill a need.

Whitepaper: Career Killers To Avoid

by CampusCareerCenter.comJan 01, 2008

Top executives sure have strong opinions on how people sabotage their own careers. This paper published by explains that top executives have strong opinions on how people sabotage their careers. Author conducted a national survey of CEOs and top executives career paths and hiring decisions. From the results, author identified traits, ideals and characteristics that successful leaders seek in developing their workforce.