CloudPassage is the leading provider of public and private cloud server security and creator of Halo, the industry's first security and compliance platform purpose-built for elastic cloud environments. Halo operates across public, private and hybrid clouds. Industry-leading companies like Foursquare, Avatar New York, and Martini Media trust Halo to seamlessly manage their server security configuration, host-based firewalls, intrusion detection and server account auditing from one system. Headquartered in San Francisco, Calif., CloudPassage is backed by Benchmark Capital, Tenaya Capital and other leading investors.

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Research Report: Cloud Security Concerns and the Perceived Effectiveness of Traditional Security

by CloudPassageAug 25, 2015

The report presents research from a survey of high-level security professionals at major North American organizations on their attitudes toward cloud security, key adoption drivers, and the effectiveness of traditional security solutions in cloud environments.

Webcast: How Enterprises Are Attacking the Cloud Security Challenge

by CloudPassageJul 21, 2015

No matter what their size or industry, most enterprises today are employing multiple cloud services and applications. But with their data running across many ?clouds? that employ varying approaches to security, how can the enterprise ensure that its data is safe?Join Dark Reading and CloudPassage for an insightful look at best practices and technologies for securing data in a multi-provider cloud environment. In a webcast featuring cloud security experts Michael Cobb and Sami Laine, Dark

Research Report: Forrester Market Overview: Cloud Workload Security Management Solutions

by CloudPassageJun 17, 2015

Forrester Research just published the first independent, comprehensive market report related to the cloud infrastructure space. This is a must-read for anyone planning their security strategy for public, private or hybrid cloud infrastructure.

In addition to a great landscape of buyer challenges and needs, the report outlines Forrester's top workload cloud security criteria:

- Scalability
- Portability
- On-demand delivery
- Broad, centralized controls in one

Research Report: 2015 Cloud Security Survey Report

by CloudPassageApr 08, 2015

Cloud adoption is increasing quickly as organizations are looking to reduce IT cost, increase agility and better support business functions. However, security of data and systems in the cloud remains a key issue and critical barrier to faster adoption of cloud services.

This report is the result of comprehensive research in cooperation with the 250,000+ member Information Security Community on LinkedIn.

Read the report to explore:
- The specific drivers and risk factors of

Whitepaper: Implementing Software-Defined Security with CloudPassage Halo

by CloudPassageMar 10, 2015

Software-defined security (SDSec) is an architectural approach to security and compliance that implements controls in a manner that abstracts them from physically-oriented elements such as topology, hardware, or physical location.

This paper summarizes the five architectural principles of SDSec and the ways in which CloudPassage has implemented them by building the Halo SDSec platform for cloud infrastructure.

Webcast: Monitoring and Enforcing Security Policy In Cloud Environments

by CloudPassageMar 10, 2015

Enterprises are deploying cloud services and applications across the enterprise, but using cloud technology can make it difficult to monitor and ensure that data security policies are enforced. In this webcast, cloud security experts will discuss methods and practices for monitoring and securing data in environments that involve multiple cloud providers or applications. This webcast will help attendees: Gain an understanding of the security vulnerabilities inherent in many cloud services Learn

Whitepaper: Cloud Servers: New Risk Considerations

by CloudPassageMay 06, 2014

The tremendous scalability, flexibility and speed of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) make it one of the fastest-growing sectors of the cloud computing market, but security and compliance remain major challenges to adoption of public cloud infrastructure services. Get details on the most pertinent new risks associated with adoption of cloud IaaS.

Research Report: Carving a Path Through IaaS Security

by CloudPassageMay 06, 2014

Security for IaaS is about more than preventing unauthorized access to instances; itís about providing security and compliance services in a repeatable, manageable and scalable manner. Any cloud security product serious about capturing the attention of the 'clouderati' must consider a pricing approach that complements the IaaS provider's approach.

Whitepaper: PCI Across Clouds

by CloudPassageMay 06, 2014

Many organizations subject to PCI DSS are now turning to cloud computing and software-defined infrastructure for increased IT agility and business growth. Get real-world advice on addressing PCI DSS in dynamic cloud environments.

Whitepaper: Automating Security for Greater SaaS Success

by CloudPassageMay 06, 2014

Customer security and compliance concerns can make or break success, and to win customer trust and confidence, Software-as-a-Service providers must integrate security into their products in a way that makes optimal use of their security teamís resources. The solution? Automating security controls and compliance monitoring.