CloudPassage is the leading provider of public and private cloud server security and creator of Halo, the industry's first security and compliance platform purpose-built for elastic cloud environments. Halo operates across public, private and hybrid clouds. Industry-leading companies like Foursquare, Avatar New York, and Martini Media trust Halo to seamlessly manage their server security configuration, host-based firewalls, intrusion detection and server account auditing from one system. Headquartered in San Francisco, Calif., CloudPassage is backed by Benchmark Capital, Tenaya Capital and other leading investors.

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Infographic: Agile Security at DevOps Speed

by CloudPassageDec 21, 2016

With increasingly rapid software release cycles using agile methodologies, it's essential that security keeps up. Help your team be as agile as the development team with on-demand and automated security processes. This infographic charts how to get that agile security into the DevOps cycle.

Whitepaper: Case Study - Xero chooses CloudPassage Halo for workload security at DevOps speed

by CloudPassageDec 19, 2016

Xero develops cloud-based accounting software for small and medium-sized businesses in more than 180 countries. They chose CloudPassage Halo to protect their workloads running in AWS EC2 and to help them meet compliance requirements, and because the product was highly automated, integrated with their rapid DevOps production pipeline, and provided a broad range of important security controls.

Whitepaper: SANS Institute: A DevSecOps Playbook

by CloudPassageNov 07, 2016

This playbook summarizes how DevOps and information security can co-exist through the application of a new approach referred to as DevSecOps.

Whitepaper: Don't Let Security Put the Brakes on DevOps

by CloudPassageNov 07, 2016

The rise of agile software development and DevOps methods have brought speed and quality benefits, but they have inadvertently put a huge strain on security organizations. Applying security based on static parameters and making manual rule adjustments just before production leaves little time for provisioning the policies. Read this Solution Brief to learn how CloudPassage Halo helps teams move at DevOps speed.

Whitepaper: Agile Security at the Speed of Modern Business

by CloudPassageNov 07, 2016

Agile security can empower CISOs and their teams to move at the speed of modern business and become enablers of innovation and growth. It puts security and compliance teams in a position to embrace elastic infrastructures and align security objectives of the business.

Whitepaper: Security Breaks DevOps - Here's How to Fix It

by CloudPassageNov 07, 2016

Reliance on virtualized infrastructure and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) has exploded, making manual provisioning and management simply not feasible anymore; it takes too long and locks up too many resources. Modern DevOps methods and tools have emerged, thus responding to the business faster. Now, IT and security teams need to adopt platforms and processes that match the speed and agility of their DevOps brethren. Learn how to speed up DevSecOps with these key ingredients.