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Whitepaper: Javanetphone: A Java Client for IP Telephony Applications in an MGCP Framework

by Universita Politecnica delle MarcheJan 01, 2008

This paper describes a software IP telephony application completely written in Java language and called JavaNetPhone. The purpose of such a communication tool is to operate in a business LAN environment, based on the Media Gateway Control Protocol framework, to extend the already available telephony facilities. Other similar applications exist, but they adopt different programming languages and sometimes are not platform independent. The prototype functionalities evaluation shows that the application can give acceptable voice performance, and further developments are being pursued to provide the adoption of wireless communication technologies, such as BlueTooth and WiFi.

Whitepaper: A Java Based VoIP Application

by Universita Politecnica delle MarcheJan 01, 2008

The popularity of the Internet and multimedia services over the Internet has grown heavily in past few years, and software phones and videophones have become one of the major IP telecommunication applications for desktops or handheld PCs. This white paper presents a platform independent soft phone application, based on Java programming language, which is able to inter-operate in a pre-existent Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP) framework, in order to extend the already present LAN telephony capabilities, based on the adoption of hardware VoIP (Voice over IP) telephones.