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Aberdeen Group is the leading provider of fact-based research focused on the global technology-driven value chain. Founded in 1988, Aberdeen has established the market leading position as the "voice that matters" when it comes to understanding the measurable results being delivered by technology in business. Aberdeen's mission is Technology Answers for the Global Value Chain: "Educating Buyers to Action," as time matters in today's business environment and technology investment mistakes are not tolerated. Aberdeen's fact-based research educates technology buyers with the facts they need to act on business and technology decisions.

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Research Report: Mobile Payments In Retail

by Aberdeen GroupSep 30, 2008

Our research will show that in the initial stages of the mobile contactless lifecycle, a high degree of flexibility and customer responsiveness will be required from the mobile contactless ecosystem companies, including mobile carriers, solution providers, integrators, issuers, and credit associations. This report details and breaks down these necessary processes (front end and back end) as well as the software and hardware applications required for the successful deployment and functioning of this payment form factor.

Whitepaper: Workforce Optimization In Retail: From Point Of Hire To Point Of Sale

by Aberdeen GroupJan 01, 2008

Labor is both an asset to deploy strategically and an expense to manage carefully. Although technology has enhanced hiring practices for in-store staff paid by the hour, along with performance management and employee scheduling for some retailers, today’s retail workforce management policies, procedures and technologies are - in general - haphazard. As companies strive to balance the best hires with the best schedules, and control labor costs while meeting customer satisfaction goals, this white paper explains how they should evaluate their processes to ensure they effectively accomplish the task.