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Whitepaper: You Can Realize A Competitive Advantage Through Outsourcing

by RBC Product DevelopmentJan 01, 2008

Organizations are realizing that partnering with product development suppliers provide significant competitive advantages. Direct and indirect advantages are literally endless. If an organization did not have the option to outsource, it would be saddled with doing everything itself, leaving little time to create the skills that are the foundation of competitive advantage. As the benefits of outsourcing amass, firms frequently extend those relationships and look for more powerful ways to leverage the contracted company.

Whitepaper: How To Qualify An Outsource Product Development Partner

by RBC Product DevelopmentJan 01, 2008

This white paper provides a systemic approach to selecting an outsource product development partner based on factors commonly overlooked in the traditional qualification process. Selecting the right outsource product development partner is paramount to the ultimate success of a project. Unfortunately, many outsourcing relationships ""Go bad"" because the partner selection was based on only two factors: experience and price.