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Whitepaper: Rural Telecom: A Case Study On Gyan Ganga Project

by Indian Institute of Management AhmedabadJan 01, 2008

Despite several attempts over the last more than ten years, telecom infrastructure in rural areas is lagging behind the expected levels. There has been a phenomenal spurt in the growth of tele-density in the country, with the evolution of new wireless technologies, but the gap between the urban (25%) and the rural tele-density (1.85%) has been increasing. This paper has been conducted to evaluate the performance of the project in achieving the stated objectives.

Whitepaper: Role Of Government: As An Enabler, Regulator, And Provider Of ICT Based Services

by Indian Institute of Management AhmedabadJan 01, 2008

This paper published by Asia-Pacific Development Information Programme presents developments in the area of e-government in Asian countries. It discusses the kind of applications that have been developed, benefits that have been delivered, and the reasons why many developing countries in the world have been quick in adopting e-government. To exploit the full potential of e-government there are many challenges. Several factors that are necessary for building effective e-government applications are identified on the basis of an analysis of success and failures of e-government applications that have been developed so far.