Founded in 2000, Signiant is the digital media supply chain company that telco, media and entertainment executives rely on to manage the movement of media to the right place at the right time. With its open software platform that unites best-in-class management, acceleration, automation and security technologies, Signiant ensures that some of the world's most recognized brands are able to deliver their digital assets and drive new revenue models. Signiant is headquartered in Burlington, MA with development facilities in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and offices in New York, Los Angeles and Manchester, UK. Read the Signiant blog at

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Webcast: Five Secrets to Moving Large, High-Value Assets that Dropbox and FTP Can’t Deliver

by SigniantNov 26, 2013

In today’s world the most critical, high-value digital assets such as video content, imaging information, design files, and analytics data sets are some of the largest— often tens or even hundreds of gigabytes in size. Sending or sharing these massive files is difficult, especially when security is paramount as they move across the content ecosystem.

More users are turning to inexpensive file sharing services to move their files from point A to point B, but while these resources are good for smaller files -- especially when compared to tools such as FTP or online file sharing services -- they are lacking when it comes to sharing large, high-value digital files.

IT managers looking to improve the security, speed, and control of their file sharing efforts should join Signiant – the market leader in EXTREME FILE SHARING solutions – to learn about their Media Shuttle software designed to move and share large, high-value digital assets.

By attending this webinar you will learn about:

  • The main challenges IT and end users face in moving, controlling and safeguarding large files
  • How they can simply and easily gain control and visibility over the movement of critical digital assets
  • Why delivering a simple solution that end users will love is crucial
  • How to secure corporate content with storage-independent file sharing solutions
  • Why they should evaluate extreme file sharing solutions against their own must-have requirements

Whitepaper: Digital Media Content Distribution on Fast Track

by SigniantJul 30, 2008

Media and Entertainment (M&E) companies are moving to managed, automated file based workflows to receive and deliver content to and from many more places in shorter periods of time. Central management and automation are required to manage the growing number of partners � and each partner�s different requirements � without creating an operational nightmare or escalating costs.

Companies want to get their content to new distribution outlets quickly so it can get to consumers quickly and begin to generate revenue, but with a global supply and distribution chain, acceleration and reliability are imperative. It�s a challenge that touches all points of the digital media supply chain from content creation, through packaging, distribution and consumption.

This white paper addresses the practical use of digital media distribution management technology to ensure the right media gets to the right place, at the right time for rapid monetization.

Whitepaper: Remote Data Management & Backup Best Practices

by SigniantJan 01, 2008

The increasing risk from unprotected user files and remote data (data stored outside the data center) is causing companies to re-evaluate their current remote backup processes. Managing remote data poses unique challenges given the variability of networks, computing platforms, lack of trained IT staff at remote locations and other issues. Advanced remote data management and movement technology such as that incorporated into Signiant Mobilize, makes it possible to cost-effectively solve the challenges of managing data at remote offices. This paper discusses the issues, requirements, and approaches to effective remote data management, with specific emphasis on remote data protection and backup.