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Whitepaper: Ensuring Enterprise Visibility, Auditing and Reporting for Windows

by Dell SoftwareOct 29, 2015

Systems and security administrators must achieve and prove IT compliance and security, support Active Directory migrations, Windows file servers and SQL servers across their enterprise. With a manual approach, these become Herculean, error-prone tasks that increase the risk of security breaches and compliance failures. Find out how you can easily identify and report on who has access to what files, folders and shares, and on what servers - all with a solution that's scalable, secure and customizable enough to support large, complex Windows environments with multiple groups of report consumers.

Whitepaper: Selecting Foundational Controls Makes HIPAA Compliance Easier

by Dell SoftwareOct 29, 2015

Key components of regulatory compliance include being able to demonstrate the use of appropriate IT-related internal controls that mitigate fraud risk, and the implementation of necessary safeguards for legally protected information that's electronically stored and transmitted. Read this revealing white paper for a look at HIPAA compliance from an auditor's perspective, and find out how to easily achieve continuous compliance.

Whitepaper: Managing the Insider Threat with Active Directory Security

by Dell SoftwareOct 29, 2015

Active Directory is a prime target for attackers due to its importance in authentication and authorization for all users. Unfortunately, these breaches don't always originate from the outside. Read this white paper to explore how a typical insider threat unfolds, and how to use best security practices to defend your Active Directory.

Research Report: Insider Threat Spotlight Report

by Dell SoftwareOct 29, 2015

Get comprehensive survey findings from more than 500 cybersecurity professionals - all offering unique insights into the state of insider threats today, as well as the best solutions to keep your network protected. Find out how your peers can help you:

- Understand the five growing trends for insider threats
- Chose the right security tools and processes
- Enjoy faster recovery and remediation
- And more

Find out how to concentrate your resources to best detect and prevent insider attacks.

Whitepaper: Best Practices Guide for IT Governance & Compliance

by Dell SoftwareJan 08, 2015

Federal regulations, such as the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPPA) and the more recent Payment Card Industry (PCI) initiative, require businesses to know exactly what changes are being made to structured and unstructured data in their corporate networks. As a result, IT organizations need to provide more detailed monitoring, analysis, auditing and reporting on the changes being made to protected data. Learn about the best practices for implementing a compliance solution that will minimize your stress during your next IT compliance audit.

Whitepaper: Managing Risk in an Active Directory Integrated Virtualized Environment

by Dell SoftwareJan 08, 2015

The ubiquity of Active Directory (AD), the rapid adoption of virtualization, and the tight integration between these technologies has given rise to today's AD infrastructure. However, the security dependencies of AD-integrated virtualization aren't widely understood -- and this can lead to unmitigated risks. Read this insightful white paper to explore the interdependent and combined security issues between AD and virtualization, and find out how to manage them.

Whitepaper: Who, What, When, Where and Why: Tracking the 5 Ws of Change in Active Directory, SharePoint, SQL Server, Exchange and VMware

by Dell SoftwareJan 08, 2015

Gain a better understanding of the limitations and capabilities of native auditing tools, and see why a third-party solution might be the best approach to protect your organization's systems, data, productivity and bottom line.

Whitepaper: Governance, Risk and Compliance Software - Maintain Your IT Budget with Consistent Compliance Practices

by Dell SoftwareJan 08, 2015

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) software can help state and local governments move from a reactive to a proactive stance with their IT systems. It lets them answer the question, "How long since your last...?" with a comforting "less than an hour ago." Read this third-party report to learn about the attitudes of state and local government agencies toward GRC software, and see which features they rank as most critical when selecting a tool.