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Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, TIBCO Software Inc. (NASDAQ:TIBX) provides enterprise software that helps companies achieve service-oriented architecture (SOA) and business process management (BPM) success. With over 3,000 customers and offices in 40 countries, TIBCO has given leading organizations around the world better awareness and agility what TIBCO calls The Power of Now.

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Whitepaper: Event-Driven SOA: A Better Way to SOA

by TIBCO SoftwareJan 13, 2012

SOA has gained acceptance as a way to unlock the business value of a company’s IT infrastructure. SOA provides a foundation for new classes of business applications - ""composite"" applications that are assembled from a mix of existing and new service logic as opposed to being built entirely from scratch. It also enables organizations to deploy new business services faster, at lower cost. Service orchestration is the graphical wiring of a set of services to automate system-to-system

Whitepaper: Service Mediation: The Role of an Enterprise Service Bus in an SOA

by TIBCO SoftwareJan 13, 2012

An Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is a distributed, message-based integration solution based on open standards. The role of an ESB is to facilitate reliable communications between IT resources such as applications, platforms and services that are distributed in multiple systems throughout an enterprise. As IT departments increasingly focus on designing SOAs to lower development costs and increase business agility, ESBs are a key first step in setting up an enterprise SOA. ESBs form the foundation

Whitepaper: Enhancing BPM With a Business Rule Engine

by TIBCO SoftwareJan 13, 2012

A business rule is any statement that defines the constraints and conditions governing processes, actions and procedures within a business. Business rules permeate and surround business processes. They can be used to initiate processes, to aggregate and interpret the effect of multiple running processes, and as discrete steps within business processes, the subject of this white paper. Including a Business Rule Engine (BRE) as part of a Business Process Management (BPM) deployment ensures

Whitepaper: The Road to Enterprise-Class SOA: Using HTTP and JMS for Web Services

by TIBCO SoftwareJan 13, 2012

In an SOA, a transport needs to be able to convey messages in real time to provide responsiveness to users or systems. The selection of these underlying transports is one of the most important decisions in the creation of an SOA. They must also support different types of synchronous or asynchronous service communication. HTTP and Java Message Service (JMS) are two of the most widely used standards-based transports for SOAP messages. This paper examines the benefits and trade-offs of HTTP and

Whitepaper: Leveraging GDS to Automate Data Synchronization

by TIBCO SoftwareJan 10, 2012

By getting product attributes in sync with trading partners and leveraging GDS to automate data synchronization, Clorox has been able to reduce pricing deductions by more than 45 percent, and sustain the improvement over time with those customers who are similarly engaged. The Clorox strategy of implementing GDS features incrementally, as they become available, has resulted in significant benefits in the near term and positioned them to take advantage of additional GDS features quickly as they