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Whitepaper: Protecting Your Organization from Insider Threats

by Lockheed MartinSep 01, 2015

When it comes to sensitive data, your employees may be sharing more than you think. Information that falls into the wrong hands - whether unintentional or with malicious intent, can cause significant harm to a company. Implementing and enforcing some proactive measures can dramatically reduce the threat of sensitive data walking out the door.

This white paper discusses:

  • Current risk factors - How sensitive data can fall into the wrong hands
  • What you stand to lose from insider threats
  • How you can protect your organization through proactive measures

Whitepaper: 5 Steps to Develop a Successful Insider Threat Detection Program

by Lockheed MartinAug 10, 2015

A comprehensive overview on how organizations can develop and implement a successful insider threat detection program.

This white paper outlines the five steps to success:
1. Gain Leadership Support
2. Leverage the Latest Technology
3. Develop a Communications Plan
4. Execute a Training and Awareness Campaign
5. Establish a Governance Structure

Whitepaper: Seven Ways to Apply the Cyber Kill Chain with a Threat Intelligence Platform

by Lockheed MartinAug 10, 2015

Arguably one of the most important aspects of cybersecurity is intelligence. Fighting and defending against constant attacks from enemies without the proper knowledge of whom, how and why they are attacking, as well as a lack of understanding of the characteristics that signal an attack, can lead to a massive data breach.

Read the White Paper on Threat Intelligence Platforms to learn:

  • the benefits and importance of a Threat Intelligence Platform
  • the elements of an effective Threat Intelligence Platform
  • how to use the intelligence you are given by your attackers and why intelligence is so important to your organization

Whitepaper: Working with Law Enforcement Before and After an Incident

by Lockheed MartinJul 22, 2008

Reporting security incidents to law enforcement is rarely an organization's first choice, but sometimes the situation demands it. Mistakes can jeopardize an investigation and make it impossible to prosecute criminal suspects. Be prepared so your organization?s reputation won?t be damaged. Learn how to identify incident types that require law enforcement involvement, how to minimize operational impact, and how to avoid incidents.

Whitepaper: Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Modeling Via Reuse of Service Components

by Lockheed MartinJan 01, 2008

In defining Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) government leaders and technical practitioners needs to think of SOA as part of an enterprise strategy for enabling reuse of Service Components. Government and industry organizations can leverage the Component Organization and Registration Environment (CORE) repository to publish Service Components and establish communities of interest to register, certify, graduate and reuse components. Senior executives and system and solution architects interested in innovative approaches to drive government transformation benefits from understanding how supports the development of the governments SOA vision and from the strategic roadmap provided that advances the realization of the SOA vision.