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Serving nearly 55,000 customer sites worldwide, Numara Software is a global leader in providing practical software solutions for service management to IT professionals. From a single technician running a help desk to 1000 technicians managing a complex service desk, IT organizations of all sizes trust our award-winning solutions, featuring Numara Track-It! and Numara FootPrints, to track requests, automate workflows and support internal and external customers.

Unlike other complex, difficult-to-implement, and costly products, we offer robust, affordable and easy-to-use solutions that can be quickly deployed without disruption to your business. Our flexible solutions can be implemented right out of the box or configured to match your unique IT environment and business processes. They can also be leveraged to support non-IT operations, such as human resources and facilities, allowing you to optimize your investments in licensing, maintenance, training, and support.

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Whitepaper: 10 Ways To Help Your Help Desk

by Numara SoftwareApr 06, 2009

Information technology has become an integral part of every business. Unfortunately, many IT organizations are facing flat or declining budgets for 2009, while also under pressure to deliver greater service and support to their end users. As more IT incident volumes continue to rise�in part because technology continues to become more complex�additional money is not being allocated to meet the increased demand for technical support operations. IT spends so much time on avoidable issues such as resetting passwords, retrieving lost files or chasing viruses that it�s difficult for them to focus on proactive improvements and finding ways to get the most value out of their current technology offerings, without sacrificing service levels. Implementing these 10 steps will help your IT department to stay focused on proactive improvements, rather than putting out fires day and night. In turn, they�ll be more focused on improving your services and proactively heading off issues before they impact you.

Whitepaper: Demystifying ITIL: Recommendations for the SME Market

by Numara SoftwareJan 01, 2008

Businesses investigating how ITIL processes would help need to bear in mind organizational dynamics, maturity and resources as part of the assessment. This is important as SMEs tend to experience frequent business changes necessary to satisfy continual and, at times, explosive growth. Corporate control requirements such as Sarbanes-Oxley can also affect ITIL. Numara Software is attentive and committed to ITIL but cautious to adopt those ITIL best practices that are practical for the customers.