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MicroWorld is a advanced security solution provider specializing in AntiVirus, AntiSpam, Content Security and Network Intrusion Prevention solutions. Incorporated in New Jersey, USA - MicroWorld has offices in USA,India, Germany,Malaysia and South Africa, as well as a powerful network of more than 13,000 partners and resellers around the globe.

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Whitepaper: Non Intrusive Learning Patterns: The Intelligent Spam-Filtering Technology Of The Future

by MicroWorld TechnologiesJul 30, 2007

This whitepaper provides an introduction to Non Intrusive Learning Patterns. NILP is an advanced, next-generation technology that detects spam and phishing mails using unique algorithms. NILP carries a continuously updating database containing DNA imprints of millions of spam mails detected worldwide. Once the DNA imprints are checked, NILP reverses its learning by classifying GOOD (ham) mails, rather than using the traditional way of classifying BAD (spam) mails.

Whitepaper: Proactive Security At Mail Gateway: MailScan 5 For SMTP Servers

by MicroWorld TechnologiesJul 16, 2007

MailScan 5 for SMTP Servers is the world?s most advanced antivirus, content security and mail-management solution at the mail gateway, for mail servers working on different operating systems and platforms like Windows, Unix, Linux, Novell and Solaris. Installed on a Windows machine, it comes with a built-in, multithreaded SMTP server and a POP3 downloader, and acts as a security gateway between your mail server and the Internet. At the mail gateway, MailScan for SMTP Servers scans and cleans

Whitepaper: Non Intrusive learning Patterns (NILP)

by MicroWorld TechnologiesJul 16, 2007

NILP from MicroWorld is an advanced, next generation technology that detects Spam and Phishing mails using unique algorithms. Before we see how NILP works, let?s first check out the magnitude of spam trouble and why traditional methods are failing to counter it.

Whitepaper: SMBs Need Comprehensive Security Plan to Foil Diverse Threats

by MicroWorld TechnologiesJul 03, 2007

One knows small businesses work on stringent standards of service and product delivery models adhering to tight deadlines, as client demands are always on the higher side. Business continuity is a vital factor for midsize organizations in retaining clientele and fostering relationships. Security breaches and virus infections in the internal network of organizations can be quite detrimental for business continuity, as they can bring down the entire network of an organization in a matter of few

Whitepaper: EConceal: The Futuristic Firewall

by MicroWorld TechnologiesJun 20, 2007

EConceal Firewall is a comprehensive software firewall, designed to prevent unauthorized access to a computer or network connected to the Internet. It enforces a boundary between two or more networks by implementing default or user-defined Access Control policies. The software allows the user to choose the types of Internet access to be allowed and those which are a strict no-no. The user can set rules to control network access from and to their systems. The firewall provides users with a set of

Whitepaper: eConceal

by MicroWorld TechnologiesJun 20, 2007

eConceal Firewall is a comprehensive software firewall, designed to prevent unauthorized access to a computer or network connected to the Internet. It enforces a boundary between two or more networks by implementing default or user-defined Access Control policies

Whitepaper: X-Spam For Exchange 2000-2003 Server

by MicroWorld TechnologiesJun 24, 2004

X-Spam for Exchange 2000-2003 is highly adaptive anti-spam software that protects the Microsoft Exchange 2000-2003 servers from spam. The software uses advanced regular expressions and meta tests to positively identify spam and block it. This white paper discusses spam, its impact on business, and also provides information on tools and techniques X-Spam uses to protect Exchange 2000-2003 servers.

Whitepaper: Protecting Linux Systems

by MicroWorld TechnologiesApr 28, 2004

Linux is fast becoming popular and is being deployed in ever increasing numbers on mail servers, corporate networks and desktops. Till recently, systems running on Linux were relatively free from virus and other threats. But with the greater penetration of Linux operating systems, virus authors have begun to target them. This paper talks about threats faced by Linux mail servers and explains the recommended features that good anti-virus and anti-Spam software should have.

Whitepaper: How MWL fights ethreats

by MicroWorld TechnologiesApr 12, 2004

MicroWorld Winsock Layer (MWL) is a radical technology that fights viruses and other threats from a new perspective. Developed by MicroWorld Technologies Inc., MWL blocks threats at the Internet gateway itself and does not allow them to enter your system. This article discusses features of MWL and explains how it does its anti virus and content security tasks, efficiently and quietly.

Whitepaper: Net BIOS Firewall

by MicroWorld TechnologiesJul 28, 2003

This is the new generation of intelligent and extremely malignant viruses that can compromise poorly protected shared resources on windows network to infiltrate and spread. The networks typically have weak (or NULL) passwords and viruses are able to break them. This white paper provides information about how such viruses compromise your network and suggests an important feature that a good anti-virus should have to combat such threats.