Whitepaper: Linux Sockets Acceleration: Maximizing Efficiency and Performance in the Data Center

by NetXenJan 01, 2008

The datacenter is undergoing a major paradigm shift driven by a need to scale up performance efficiently. Raw scale-out architectures are giving way to new scale-up architectures driven by blade servers, and multi-core host processors. Virtualization is driving server consolidation on these new platforms. In this paper, efficient networking for Linux is critical to the IT manager. Linux Sockets Acceleration provides a solution that delivers not only high performance but also processing efficiency that has not been seen previously.

Whitepaper: The Future of Ethernet I/O Virtualization Is Here Today

by NetXenJan 01, 2008

This paper published by NetXen Inc. describes about The Future of Ethernet I/O Virtualization. It says that Server virtualization based on virtual machine (VM) software is becoming a popular solution for consolidation of datacenter servers. It also lists down numerous benefits that can be derived from server virtualization like server consolidation, flexible server/application provisioning, reliability and lower TCO.