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Whitepaper: Reporting 2.0 - A New Era in Business Reporting

by SynaptrisMar 12, 2008

Despite its pride of place as the most widely used Information Management tool, Reporting has a severe limitation which significantly compromises its efficiency for business users. Reports are pre-defined at the time of design and cannot be modified by users to suit their current business need. It also poses a significant challenge to IT professionals as they are typically inundated with report change or new report requests to reflect the dynamic business environment.

Providing the Reporting User an Analysis/Business Intelligence (BI) solution to address the limitations of traditional reporting is like providing users with airplane controls to drive a car! It is an over-engineered (and expensive!) solution that is and will be rejected by users who just need operational reporting. Despite the rallying call of leading BI providers to adapt "BI for the Masses," most pragmatic IT/business professionals will quickly acknowledge the futility of trying to overcome the challenges of Reporting with a BI deployment.

Synaptris was the first and probably only Information Management solution provider to acknowledge that neither BI/BI for the Masses nor BI 2.0 is the upgrade path to Reporting. We then started working on an evolutionary upgrade to Reporting, in reality Reporting 2.0! The goal of Reporting 2.0 is to address the limitations of traditional reporting by providing end-users the flexibility to not just manipulate and analyze reports but also create them with ease.