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Established in 2006, NetWrix Corporation provides innovative and cost-effective solutions that simplify and automate the management of Windows networks. With in-depth knowledge and experience managing Windows environments of all sizes, the company delivers solutions to meet complicated business requirements while fulfilling the best expectations of IT professionals.

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Whitepaper: Self-Service Password Management

by NetWrix CorporationJun 25, 2009

In today's complex IT environments, users typically have multiple passwords to manage for a variety of applications or access levels. Eighty percent of all users have three or more passwords to manage, but many more are possible depending on their access needs. Users end up jotting passwords on note paper, thus threatening the security of the system, or they simplifying life by reusing passwords or choosing weak ones where the system permits, even though these are unsafe security practices. Quite simply, password practices that improve security are by their nature burdensome to the user. Yet password security remains a cornerstone of system security: As much as 80 percent of security breeches are the result of system infiltration facilitated by use of a password. The strict requirements that are in the best interests of the organization result in passwords best designed to be forgotten by busy and distracted users. With 30 percent of all help desk calls being about password issues, and costing $30 to $60 per call, a cost- and time-saving solution is needed. The solution that has evolved for this problem is the self-service password reset utility. This whitepaper discusses strategy and implementation of self-service password management.

Whitepaper: IT Admins Can Automate Deactivation of Graduates' User Accounts

by NetWrix CorporationDec 05, 2008

At the end of an academic year, many thousands of students may permanently leave a school or university system. Once these users graduate, discontinue their education, or perhaps simply move away, IT administrators are left with a huge number of accounts that must be marked as inactive and then dealt with according to system policies.

Whitepaper: Windows Vista Misunderstood Security Breach

by NetWrix CorporationOct 13, 2008

Windows newest technology, the User Account Control, found in the Vista operating system has been erroneously called an additional level of security by many computer security professionals. Instead, in the hope to reduce the incidence of malware, unauthorized software installation, and unintentional system changes the User Account Control separates standard user tasks from requiring administrator level password access. Unfortunately, at the enterprise level with hundreds of devices, applications, and shared password accounts, it places all the burden on busy IT administrators. Creating needless costs and time spent away from mission critical tasks for the IT department.