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Webcast: Wireless Security: Beyond the Basics

by SophosJun 18, 2013

It isn’t hard to set up security for the wireless router in your house – all you need to do is change the SSID, pick a strong password and perhaps install VPN software for remote access. But securing wireless networks in a business environment is much more demanding. 

Attend this webinar to learn how to:

  • Ensure that wireless access points are secure from unauthorized access
  • Provide controlled access for guests
  • Integrate wireless traffic into your network security infrastructure

Register for this webinar to join Bill Prout, wireless and network security expert at Sophos, and learn the best practices that can help you go beyond the basics of wireless security to provide advanced security, manageability and accessibility. 

Webcast: Why Simple Security is Better Security

by SophosMay 15, 2014

Small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) were the victims in 40% of all data breaches last year, yet security vendors seem to ignore the needs of these businesses when designing their products. Hackers are taking note and actively targeting this big market.

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • Why enterprise-class security offerings are a bad bet for smaller businesses
  • Tips on evaluating and selecting the right security solution
  • The benefits of cloud-managed security

Register for this webinar to join IANS Faculty Member Kevin Johnson and Marty Ward, VP Product Marketing & Corporate Communications at Sophos as they break down the one-size-fits-all approach to enterprise-class security and offer solutions to help simplify your security.

Whitepaper: Who's Snooping on Your Email?

by SophosDec 18, 2015

Email poses the highest risk for accidental data exposure, breaches of privacy, or non-compliance with data protection regulations. In this whitepaper we'll help you navigate today's threats to email security. We'll explain the obstacles to compliance, and show you why you need a secure email gateway that offers more than just encryption.

Whitepaper: What is FakeAV?

by SophosMay 03, 2012

Whitepaper: Two Great Ways to Protect Virtual Machines From Malware

by SophosMar 28, 2014

Virtualization promises to reduce operational costs, simplify management and increase availability of servers and virtual desktops. But how do you protect virtual machines from malware without compromising the performance and convenience that you expect from your investment in virtualization?

This paper aims to help IT professionals, including security and virtualization specialists, understand and choose between two modern approaches to securing virtual environments: agentless scanning using vShield Endpoint and client-based scanning optimized for virtual platforms.

Whitepaper: Top Five Strategies for Combating Modern Threats: Is Anti-Virus Dead?

by SophosDec 04, 2008

Today�s fast, targeted, silent threats take advantage of the open network and new technologies that support an increasingly mobile workforce. Organizations need innovative approaches to protect the Web, e-mail servers, and endpoints. This paper discusses the security implications of modern threats, analyzes where emerging technologies can add real value, and highlights five key strategies for ensuring solid protection from malware.

Webcast: Top 5 Reasons to Switch to a Better Firewall

by SophosAug 27, 2014

Your firewall is an important piece of your IT infrastructure, so replacing it is a big deal. But how do you make sure that you buy the right solution for your organization?

Attend this webinar to learn about:  

  • 5 reasons to switch to a better firewall
  • Protection from malware threats that won’t sacrifice performance
  • Opportunities for consolidating protection technologies

Register for this webinar to understand the factors you should consider when selecting your next firewall.