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Serena Software provides solutions that orchestrate application delivery, IT operations and business processes for the Global 2000. Serena's mission is to help enterprises orchestrate their world. Its 3,000 active enterprise customers, encompassing almost one million users worldwide, have made Serena the largest independent ALM vendor, and are now using Serena to orchestrate IT service management and many other processes. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Serena serves enterprise customers from 29 offices in 14 countries. Serena is a portfolio company of Silver Lake Partners, the leader in private investments in technology-enabled industries.

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Whitepaper: Creative Shorts: The Business Value of a Solid Requirements Process

by Serena Software, IncJul 01, 2011

Matching user requirements to software development has always been a challenge. When a mismatch occurs, the software often goes unused and the users tend to mistrust the software and the IT department. When requirements capture and management is done properly organizations tend to recoup their investments quickly and have more satisfied users.

Whitepaper: Orchestrated Application Delivery

by Serena Software, IncJul 01, 2011

We live in an app driven world. iPhones are hardly the only environment where apps make the difference. Banks service customers on-line and via teller machines more than through human tellers. Airlines sell tickets, check-in customers and promote frequent flier loyalty through apps. Governments provide transparency and constituent service through Internet apps. And those are just some business-to-consumer examples.

The business-to-business economy has long since been app driven:

Whitepaper: Calculating ROI on Your Investment in Requirements Management Tools

by Serena Software, IncJul 01, 2011

There's no question that a commercial Requirements Management tool is very useful; but can it pay for itself at your company? In this article we'll look at a model to help you calculate ROI on Requirements Management tools.

Whitepaper: Creative Shorts: The Business Value of ALM Governance Through Process Orchestration and Management

by Serena Software, IncJul 01, 2011

The demand is growing for software applications that support key business processes and which use the latest technology advances to deliver business growth and competitive edge. Crucially, however, with software applications now supporting and delivering critical business functions and services, there is greater call for demonstrating good governance and delivering business value.

Whitepaper: Creative Shorts: The Business Value of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

by Serena Software, IncJul 01, 2011

Over the years software development has become an intricate collage and newer technology elements such as Cloud Computing, social media, and mobile have made it even more complex. For many organizations software applications and services underpin the business - automating, supporting and enabling critical business processes and functions.

As a result, software applications have moved from being important to being essential. Managing the software application lifecycle process is a

Whitepaper: Discover the Value of Requirements Management

by Serena Software, IncApr 28, 2011

Industry research shows that organizations that focus on requirements deliver more features, release products faster, and reduce development costs. But how do you prove that a requirements management solution is substantially better than just staying with the status quo?

In this detailed whitepaper, software quality expert Richard Denney walks through the steps of calculating the financial benefits of requirements management solutions. You will learn how to determine the financial ROI

Whitepaper: Six Steps to Orchestrate Your Requirements Process

by Serena Software, IncApr 15, 2011

Organizations that do hybrid agile and waterfall development face unique challenges in dealing with the impact of changing requirements across projects, maintaining traceability across the application delivery lifecycle, and working with disparate tools and processes.

Read this whitepaper to learn how a process-based approach can help you overcome the challenges of managing requirements in a global enterprise.

Find out the six key steps organizations are following to automate

Whitepaper: Orchestrate IT to Deliver Applications Faster and at Lower Cost

by Serena Software, IncApr 15, 2011

Many IT organizations have struggled to improve their application development process, and years of consolidating systems or building a central repository haven't helped.

This whitepaper focuses on a new and better way to streamline application development - "process orchestration." You will get a better understanding of why your IT organizations should focus on orchestrating your end-to-end application development process - from initial request through development and into

Whitepaper: Lean BPM: Process Pain to Process Gain in Three Simple Steps

by Serena Software, IncJul 30, 2009

Use Serena Software?s Lean BPM solution to automate your everyday business processes. It is the best and easiest way to improve productivity and gain efficiency. Serena Software?s Lean BPM is focused on radically simplifying how business processes and management are delivered. Traditional Business Process Management (BPM) systems can provide a solution, but the cost and complexity to implement simple processes is often too expensive for many business units.

This whitepaper focuses

Whitepaper: Enterprise ALM: Take the Pain Out of Compliance

by Serena Software, IncJun 17, 2009

This whitepaper discusses many of the key business challenges that companies face today, especially the process of managing the application lifecycle. This process becomes more complex when you add off-shoring, outsourcing, etc. As teams become more geographically dispersed, they become more fragmented, even as they try to collaborate on projects. Added to this is the challenge of compliance. With poorly defined processes that aren?t followed, and information that isn?t well communicated, IT