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Whitepaper: Effectively Securing Virtualized Data Centers

by ApaniJun 01, 2008

For security directors at large organizations, securing virtualized data centers is a major concern. Server virtualization offers several benefits including better total cost of ownership, increased operational efficiencies and more flexible management capabilities. But server virtualization may also increase security risks. Virtual machines (VMs) themselves are no less secure than their physical counterparts, but organizations often apply different procedures to their deployment and

Whitepaper: Utilizing Apani EpiForce as a Mitigating Control for PCI/CISP Compliance

by ApaniJun 01, 2008

A recent survey of 231 large merchants by Visa USA indicates that 83% have still not achieved compliance, even though the date to become PCI compliant has now passed. The major reason so few large organizations have been able to achieve PCI compliance is because the scope of the regulation is so encompassing.

This whitepaper identifies ways of using new technologies as a mitigating control for PCI-DSS compliance and to solve the issue of limiting the scope of an audit, and encrypting

Whitepaper: Efficiently Isolating Contractors From Sensitive Data: The Many Advantages of Software-based Contractor Isolation

by ApaniMar 01, 2008

For information security directors at large corporations, the growing reliance on contractors is a major concern. Local and offshore programmers provide businesses a competitive edge, but they also increase security risks. Often contractors are hired to rapidly solve problems while operating outside the security policies of employees. Once within the network, they have free access to confidential data and business systems. Even when access is restricted, these savvy individuals can easily jump

Research Report: Apani "EpiForce" VM: Performance and VMotion Interoperability in VMware ESX 3.5.0

by ApaniMay 01, 2007

Apani commissioned VeriTest, the testing service of Lionbridge Technologies, Inc., to measure the performance impact when using the Apani EpiForce VM cross-platform server isolation solution with VMware Infrastructure 3 (ESX 3.5.0 Build 64607 with Virtual Center 2.5), under typical data center workloads. In addition, Apani was interested in verifying the compatibility EpiForce VM had with the VMware Infrastructure 3 hot (VMotion) and cold migration capabilities.