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Dataline, LLC is a leading transformational technology solutions provider to Department of Defense (DoD) and federal customers. Since 1990, our focus has been to integrate best-in-class technologies to provide robust, cost-effective Information Technology (IT) solutions for organizations of all sizes and missions of all criticalities. In partnership with our customers, we are accelerating the rate of change in the DoD's transformation to Net-Centric Warfare and progressing America's capability for total Information Dominance.

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Whitepaper: National Security Community Cloud Computing

by Dataline LLCOct 01, 2008

Today?s military, intelligence community and homeland security organizations are being pressured by rapid information technology developments. The increased importance and use of open source information, advances in Internet?based services and solutions, the rapid adoption and deployment of advanced information tools and the advent of multi-terabyte data streams and data sources all play a role in increasing the challenge. Many organizations are also looking forward to establishing globally

Whitepaper: Cloud Computing for National Security Applications

by Dataline LLCJun 19, 2008

Through collaboration with leading industry partners, Dataline is integrating an end-to-end solution for secure cloud computing. Called Service Oriented Architecture ? Real Time (SOA-R), this solution integrates:
? Real-time services oriented architecture;
? Multi-tiered, high-performance storage;
? Event driven automated workflows;
? Mission specific applications and web services;
? Highly reliable, virtualized, hardware infrastructure;
? Efficient