Marketbright provides an on demand marketing automation solution which allows companies to implement self-service campaign execution and demand generation, automate lead scoring and nurturing, and to gain visibility into closed-loop campaign-to-cash metrics via real-time dashboards. The integrated marketing platform results in a full 360-degree view of your customer's interactions, and this information is used to route only valuable, qualified leads into your sales CRM. Marketbright's customers include Serena Software, VMware and Avid.

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Whitepaper: Event Management 101

by MarketbrightOct 05, 2008

Live and online events like Webinars have always been popular with hi-tech companies, but the trend has broadened over the last couple of years to include all industries and all sectors. Research by MarketingProfs indicates that 84 percent of B2B businesses now use email marketing, and that 51 percent plan to increase their spending on webinars. The research also found that executive breakfasts/roadshows and webinars rated as first and third most successful in terms of generating leads that convert to sales. Here are the 10 Top Tips to increase event-driven sales while avoiding the pitfalls.

Whitepaper: Landing Pages 101: Best Practices for Leveraging Landing Pages in Your eMarketing Mix

by MarketbrightApr 15, 2008

During the last five years, online marketing has experienced explosive growth, moving beyond simple email blasts to pay-per-click, banner ads, online promotions, webinars and landing pages. To enhance their chances of cutting through the clutter, marketers need to hone each of their sales elements, including landing pages, to ensure they are as effective as possible. An optimized landing page can achieve conversion rates around 12 percent, compared to average conversion rates of 5 to 6 percent for the home page from search engine marketing or pay-per-click. This white paper describes the key advantages of optimized landing pages and lists the Top 10 Best Practices to generate maximum conversion rates.

Whitepaper: Lead Scoring 101

by MarketbrightMay 04, 2008

During the last several years, Internet-enabled technology has greatly accelerated the number of leads being generated through online email campaigns, webinars, pay-per-click and landing pages. While the sheer volume of leads has increased, the quality has greatly deteriorated, creating the need for an effective system to rank, or score, leads. So the question becomes: How do we rank or score these leads so they can be translated into sales? And, for the business, another key question is: How do we nurture B and C leads?