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Whitepaper: Virtualization + Management & Automation = Private Cloud?

by InteropMay 09, 2012

Now that you've implemented server virtualization, the next step to realizing its full potential is to add the management and automation layers to deliver cloud-like services. By optimizing and automating the virtual infrastructure, and adding self-service capabilities, IT can transform itself to run as a private cloud. This session is a primer on how to implement advanced management and automation capabilities such as automated policy-based management, performance and capacity management,

Whitepaper: The Impact of Cloud Computing on the Network

by InteropMay 09, 2012

The media is overflowing with discussions of the benefits of adopting cloud computing and enabling technologies such as virtualization. What has been missing from that discussion is an analysis of what has to happen to the network and the management of the network to enable them to support cloud computing. For example, the deployment of vSwitches will potentially result in IT organizations having to manage hundreds of new switches from multiple vendors. In addition, today?s WAN can?t effectively

Whitepaper: The Final Cloud Frontier: Driving Cloud Adoption for Mission Critical Apps

by InteropMay 09, 2012

In spite of the strides the cloud industry has made in addressing security and integration concerns, large enterprises are still reluctant to adopt the cloud for mission-critical applications. Resistance to cloud adoption is just as much an issue of misaligned incentives and fear of the unknown as it is about legitimate technology concerns. Breaking the impasse on mission-critical apps often can't be done directly and requires proof to be accumulated over a sustained period of time. This

Whitepaper: Security Automation: Connecting Your Silos

by InteropMay 09, 2012

For enterprises, managing security in today's ever-changing technology landscape is like being a farmer: it's all about managing your silos. Most IT organizations deploy many unique technologies from multiple vendors in an attempt to secure their infrastructure. Each of these technologies generally operates in its own silo, resulting in the duplication of basic functions across multiple appliances in multiple locations in the network. With security automation - enabling information to be shared

Whitepaper: Securing Social Media in the Enterprise

by InteropMay 09, 2012

As corporations continue to struggle over the decision to ban or allow unrestricted access to social media, the medium continues to build momentum as a modern business tool. Further, employees are increasingly mobile, accessing social applications from their own devices on the corporate network. It's a runaway train, so businesses are on the hook to enable social media in a way that balances security and privacy concerns with productivity and business enablement.

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Whitepaper: The Value of Video in Collaboration

by InteropMay 09, 2012

This presentation will look at video as a collaboration medium: Is it hype? Does anyone need to see the faces of colleagues that they know well and collaborate with regularly, often in person? How much does the quality of the video matter when considering video's importance as a collaboration medium? In this session, experts will debate and dissect the factors that make video either succeed or fall short within enterprises. We'll consider both room-based and desktop implementations, looking at

Whitepaper: Architecting Data Center Networks in the Era of Big Data & Cloud

by InteropMay 09, 2012

Big Data clusters and SDN enabled clouds invite a new approach to data center networking. This session for data center architects will explore the transition from traditional scale-up chassis based Layer 2 centric networking, to the next generation of scale-out Layer 3 CLOS based fabrics of fixed switches.

Whitepaper: The Holistic Guide to BYOD in Your Business

by InteropMay 09, 2012

Avoid turning ?Bring Your Own Device? into ?Bring Your Own Disaster.? Learn about the critical steps for planning a successful BYOD design and implementation, and the value of using a holistic framework for planning a pervasive secure wireless network and working with your service provider.

Whitepaper: How IT Makes a Difference to the Midmarket Company: Mobility & Security

by InteropMay 12, 2011

IT teams in midmarket companies?those with around 500 employees?are pivotal in the process of growth but face unique challenges. In this session, our Analytics experts will discuss innovative ways to securely equip a mobile workforce. We?ll discuss a range of new technologies that provide enterprise-class productivity and data protection without breaking the budget.