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Whitepaper: Why Buy Pre-Owned? 2008 Buyer's Guide

by UsedCisco.comMay 12, 2008

Have you found yourself asking...
- What is pre-owned network hardware?
- How much money can I really save?
- Where does pre-owned hardware come from?
- How do I select an appropriate vendor?
- What service & support options are available?
- How do I avoid buying counterfeit hardware?
- How does buying pre-owned help save the environment?

An incredible array of organizations from both the public and private sector are buying pre-owned. These organizations include global public commercial enterprises, small businesses, ISP's, telecoms, non-profits, local and US government, military and educational institutions of all kinds.

Although many manufacturers have down played the market's growth, tremendous demand has given rise to nearly a three billion dollar market, with thousands of sellers, companies and eBayers. Finding a reliable vendor can be a daunting task for any network administrator looking to reduce costs.

This uncertainty and lack of knowledge is exactly what led us to create a small FAQ back in 2000, when the market was in its infancy. Since then, our guide has seen eight revisions and over 50,000 downloads.

An overwhelming majority of the customers we've surveyed mention the same fact - they just didn't know pre-owned was a real, safe and viable option. In this guide, we'll present you with critical information you need to make the switch, become a pre-owned evangelist and start saving instantly.