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Whitepaper: So, You've Outgrown Your Web Content Management System

by VignetteDec 20, 2007

As the Web has evolved from a passive to an interactive medium, the functionality of Web sites has changed as well. Organizations now use Web sites to interact with customers and business partners, provide a forum for customers to collaborate with each other, sell goods and services, and much more. At the same time, the expectations of Web users have increased - and a competitor's site is always just a click away.

As a result, providing an engaging Web experience has become critically important. Visitors to your site expect online experiences that are personalized, easy to navigate, and highly collaborative. However, most legacy Web content management tools are not capable of meeting these expectations.

So where do older WCM tools fall short? And what are the crucial factors to consider when evaluating a new WCM system? This paper offers six shortcomings of legacy WCM systems and considerations for organizations planning a move to a next-generation WCM solution.

Whitepaper: Web Content Management, Portal, Collaboration: Three Names, One Solution

by VignetteDec 20, 2007

Companies often approach the problem of getting the right information to and from the right people at the right time without thoroughly considering the entirety of what needs to be communicated or how it should be delivered. As related to internal and external Web technologies, resolving this problem requires the delivery of timely, relevant, and compelling information through Web content management solutions, the targeting of information to specific content consumers through portal applications, and the inclusion of feedback in multi-directional information exchanges through collaboration technologies. Addressing the issue holistically requires each of the three components: WCM, portal, and collaboration.

WCM provides the ability for the enterprise to present its best face to the world without knowing anything about who's looking. Portal refines this into a presentation based on what is known or what is learned about the observer. Finally, collaboration incorporates observers' feedback into a process that changes the process itself. Ultimately, without WCM, there is no online brand. Without portal, there is no targeting. Without collaboration, there is no improvement.

This white paper explains how the people, process, and technology in these actual scenarios relate to Web content management, portal, and collaboration solutions.