As the only provider of complete security on demand, Perimeter makes security easily available and affordable for all businesses. Perimeter's on demand security services protect thousands of computer networks nationwide, offering more than 50 different technologies on a subscription basis. With the proliferation of security threats and technologies, clients benefit from a single-source provider that offers all services through one pre-integrated platform and web portal.

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Latest Content From Perimeter

Whitepaper: Red Flags Rule: The FTC Regulation and Solutions to Prevent Identity Theft

by PerimeterAug 01, 2009

Under the Red Flags Rule, financial institutions and creditors with covered accounts must have identity theft prevention programs. Obtain the critical information on technology, process, and policy for compliance in this whitepaper.

Whitepaper: Will Facebook Get You Hired or Fired?

by PerimeterAug 01, 2009

As of February 2009, Facebook is over 200 million members strong, and 30% of companies are using social networking sites to learn about applicants as they interview for jobs. Protect yourself by reviewing the tips in this whitepaper.

Whitepaper: A Guide to Email Regulatory Compliance

by PerimeterAug 01, 2009

Laws have been passed to more adequately secure private and sensitive information, many of them specifically requiring better email security. Secure your information exchange by acting on the essential tips provided in this whitepaper.

Whitepaper: Financial Data Security Breaches

by PerimeterJul 01, 2009

Review key findings from this study on the impact of data security breaches in the financial industry.

Whitepaper: The Threat of Modern Day Malware

by PerimeterJun 17, 2009

How many ways can malware comprise your data? This white paper focuses on methods criminals are using to install malware and effective solutions to thwart attacks.

Whitepaper: Making Sense of Message Archiving Requirements

by PerimeterJun 17, 2009

Concerned about the legal implications for message archiving? Read this guide to meeting all federal and industry specific requirements.

Whitepaper: Simplifying Network Security with a Single Source Provider

by PerimeterMay 29, 2009

Learn how to select the right MSSP to help maximize your ability to manage and reduce risk within your budget.

Whitepaper: Data Backup and Recovery in 2009 and Beyond

by PerimeterMay 29, 2009

Read this white paper to learn how a remote data backup solution can safeguard your critical data from loss.