Whitepaper: Performance Intelligence (PPS)

by 4SUC6May 13, 2008

In order to survive in a world with a free market economy, organizations should continue to put their efforts into "Profit Increase". In general this ambition require enormous efforts of "Human Capital". Unfortunately, the definition and communication of strategic objectives to the workplace often are inadequate. The focus on input rather than on output is often the consequence. This results in confusion among employees with regard to the expectations of the employer. These employees live simultaneously in a world of further individualization with a growing need for self exploration, entrepreneurship and "Qualitytime". In the quest for satisfy these needs they request huge efforts of their employers who, in general, are unable or unwilling to deliver. A poor performance, absenteeism and an unwanted waste of energy and money is unfortunately often the outcome. Calculations and estimates from throughout the world come to an average inefficiency of the use of "Human Capital" of more than 30%! With the development of our own unique Performance Intelligence product (PPS) 4SUC6 offers in 2008 a complete management model for achieving a SUC6full organization.