Elementool is the leading provider of web based project management tools for help desk, bug and defect tracking and time tracking tools. Customers from all over the world use our web based project management tools on a daily basis as part of their project development and testing process. Among our customers that utilize our project management software are Fortune 500 companies, big five consulting firms, international banks, automotive manufacturers, business websites, IT consulting companies and software start-ups.

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Whitepaper: Elementool's Bug Tracking Saves Hundreds of Hours a Month in Software Development Time

by ElementoolApr 01, 2008

Accurate communication is the key to the success of the bug tracking process. This communication takes the form of timely information flow between customers, QA and Development. Reducing the time spent on tasks that communicate bug information saves money.

Let's explore the tasks completed daily by personnel in software development throughout the development process. We'll compare the time and money spent on the tasks when they have Bug Tracking and when they don't. The average time spent on a task and the costs per hour are based on actual experience at

Whitepaper: Elementool Bug Tracking Keeps Software Fixes On Course

by ElementoolApr 01, 2008

Can you list all the issues your software team is working on now? Can you sort them by severity, priority, features affected, and other criteria such as whether the issue is a bug, customer request, or product enhancement? Can you show the histories of all related comments and actions? Can you distribute this information easily to concerned individuals - showing only the information relevant to them?