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TEAM International is a U.S. based IT professional services firm founded in 1991 in Florida (USA). In 2001 TEAM International expanded its services to Ukraine (Eastern Europe). The company provides world-class offshore software development and RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) solutions.

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Whitepaper: TEAM's Capabilities In Meeting The Nation's Healthcare IT Needs

by Team InternationalOct 26, 2009

TEAM International provides a brief overview of its healthcare IT staffing capabilities and partnership philosophy that allow its clients to successfully and cost effectively reach their aggressive EMR/EHR implementation goals.

Research Report: Central and Eastern Europe IT Outsourcing Review: Q1 2009

by Team InternationalSep 01, 2009

TEAM International provides a brief overview of Central and Eastern Europe�s progress as an attractive and promising IT offshore outsourcing destination.

Whitepaper: Current Trends In European And North American Offshore Outsourcing

by Team InternationalJul 02, 2009

TEAM International highlights the changing offshore outsourcing landscape in Europe and North America. The organization analyzed offshore outsourcing market trends and presents some of its findings in this report.

Whitepaper: TEAM International Helps Indie Record Label Get Efficient And Effective E-Commerce Solution

by Team InternationalMay 28, 2009

Understanding that modern music and entertainment industries face lots of challenges, ESL Music chose to address the core music industry problem�illegal files sharing and online piracy. The company planned to capitalize on the product by improving Web site development, hosting and support, and launching a music retail portal. ESL Music established a partnership with Team International to provide all of its applications development and support needs.

Whitepaper: Offshore Outsourcing Helps PDA Development Company Better Meet Its Clients' Needs

by Team InternationalMay 28, 2009

A client of a particular company is one of UK's largest handlers of fresh produce that sources more than 100 products from over 40 countries, and also works closely with British growers to offer local produce when in season. While participating in the governmental Food for Schools Program, this client was driven by the government agency to deliver electronic proof of delivery (POD). The company used to deliver fruit to schools utilizing around 90 drivers, each potentially covering 50 deliveries per day. To make the collection of proof of delivery intuitive for the drivers� use, the client needed to have a specific Driver PDA Application.

Whitepaper: Offshore Application Development Helps Customer Intelligence Provider

by Team InternationalMay 28, 2009

VueLogic, a new-generation customer intelligence and data management provider, chose TEAM International as its offshore outsourcing vendor and offloaded to us a project on development of a three-layer SaaS application to be used for capturing and monetizing valuable customer data.

Whitepaper: Offshore Development Center Helps Sports Technology Company Better Manage Its Digital Content

by Team InternationalMay 28, 2009

XOS Technologies had to meet its business objectives of managing sports events� digital content (video, images, audio) and collecting profit from selling legal licenses for potential distributors. The company operated a third-party application for storing its digital content; however, the storage (Vault 1.0) had limited functionality that did not allow XOS to reach all of its complex business goals. XOS partnered with TEAM International to have its existing content management system (CMS) upgraded, improved and integrated with its e-commerce solutions.

Whitepaper: Effective Outsourced E-Commerce Solution to Link Sports Organizations and Fans

by Team InternationalMay 28, 2009

In December 2008, XOS Technologies faced the necessity to create an e-commerce system within its broad network of resources. The system requirements consisted of an integrated content management system (CMS) and user-friendly request-for-quote options, but most importantly the e-commerce system needed to be fully integrated with the existing online business network.

Whitepaper: Why Outsource Health Care IT Staffing?

by Team InternationalApr 09, 2009

The health care industry is ultimately the most complex in needs, data demands, regulations, market size and revenue models, core functions, and outsourcing niche vendors. Regardless of the fact that in recent years the complexity of health care IT solutions has significantly increased, this industry is still projected to be one of the most dynamically developing and fastest-growing segments of IT technologies� implementation and development in 2009.

Research Report: IT Offshore Outsourcing: Early Predictions for 2009

by Team InternationalNov 20, 2008

TEAM International reviews and shares recent research findings and expert predictions for key attributes of the 2009 IT offshore outsourcing environment.