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Managed Systems delivers proven technology solutions to small and mid-sized businesses, giving entrepreneurs the time to focus on what they do best: Run their companies. Using Managed Systems, business owners can get control over their technology and related infrastructure costs, simplify the management and maintenance of their mission-critical technologies and make themselves and their business more productive and profitable.

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Whitepaper: Entrepreneurs And Managed IT: Putting "Big Company" Strategies To Work For Small And Mid-Sized Businesses

by Managed SystemsJul 29, 2008

No matter the size of the business, technology plays a critical role in its financial success. At the most basic level, companies have to deal with desktop and laptop computers for all their employees, e-mail, access to the Internet, BlackBerries, and other kinds of on-site and remote devices. Add networking issues like viruses, spam and bandwidth utilization, and suddenly, this effort becomes a major challenge to anyone operating a small or mid-sized business (SMBs) with limited resources and a limited budget. In today�s economy, service is the primary differentiator. If systems are down, then customer service levels are down too, ultimately hurting the business, the company�s reputation and its bottom line. This can make giving up control over critical information technology (IT) systems daunting. So, what do large companies know about managed services that smaller companies don�t? IT outsourcing. This whitepaper will outline specific business benefits of outsourcing IT for SMBs.