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M2SYS Technology,, is a recognized industry leader in fingerprint biometrics identity management technology, delivering a wide range of turnkey fingerprint software solutions and fingerprint readers for businesses and consumers. M2SYS Technology was awarded the prestigious Frost and Sullivan Biometric Technology Innovation of the Year award in 2007 for its unique innovation, Bio-Plugin. Because they eliminate the headache and cost of integration and support, our fingerprint software solutions are accelerating the growth of biometric technology adoption in the global marketplace.

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Whitepaper: How to Resolve the Challenges of Biometric Technology Integration, Deployment, and Support

by M2SYS TechnologyMar 01, 2008

Biometric authentication components are emerging as an essential part of comprehensive business software applications and will play a central role in existing and future applications, networks, and information storage facilities. These biometric components utilize physical traits or behavioral characteristics for reliable identity authentication. Application developers, integrators and software solution providers are challenged with growing demand for biometric security features and functions. With a wide variety of biometric component integration options available, software providers need a clear picture of the business implications and development impact biometric solutions have on their products, services, and end-users.

While cost savings, ROI, and enhanced security are immediate benefits of biometric authentication for end-users, software developers and application providers in most cases continue to struggle with integration and implementation. Substantial amounts of time, capital investment and development resources are required to make integration of biometrics work with most applications - the technology is changing quickly enough that there�s a good chance improvements will be available by the time the initial integration is complete if developed internally.

Fingerprint software development kits (SDKs) require a deep understanding of biometric system processes and can complicate integration and deployment objectives due to system dependencies.

This white paper explains the benefit of Bio-Plugin: an alternative to the fingerprint SDK that eliminates the barrier to biometric technology integration, deployment, and support. Bio-Plugin is a patent-pending, turnkey enterprise fingerprint software system that can be rapidly integrated into Windows and web software with little development effort.